I will 3d avatar ,3d avatar for vtuber in vroid studio, for you

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Description Simple humanoid avatar with simple clothing and avatar with all the essentials you need! Original hairstyle Normal clothing and 2 simple accessories. Original hairstyle Normal clothing and 2 simple accessories.
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About This Proposal

Welcome! Next 3D AVATAR member!

Hello here!!!!!!!

Salvthom is a 3d avatar artist with vast years of expertize in the use of blender, maya, unreal engine and unity for creating 3d character for vrchat, vtube modelling, vroid, twitch, facerig, animaze, vseeface.

I'll be helping you with any sort of commission regarding vrchat, avatar, vtuber, vrchat avatar, 3d model, anime, vroid, fursona furry, 3d avatar, custom avatar, custom vrchat, avatars, vroid model, vtuber avatar, vrc, vtubing, mmd, blender, furry avatar, nsfw, character, fbx, live2d, Motion graphics, Animation, 3D modelling, rigging, Character modeling, live2d Character animation, 2D character design, Vtube model, 3d animation, vroid, vtuber, vtuber model, vrm, 3d modelling, vr avatar, lewd, facerig, anime characters, manga, nice, fursona, vtube.

My models will be perfectly;



Full body tracked

Dynamic Bones

Perfect Bones structure


Lip synced


Facial Expression

Quest compatible


Uv mapping

Key shapes

PC and Quest compatible

Your very own High-quality VRChat Avatar or Vtubing Avatar is right here.

Let your dreams become true and be the vtuber you always wanted to be, starting with a high-quality avatar.

Or is it entering vrchat with your own custom avatar you want? It's possible!

If you are looking for a Custom 3D Avatar Ready for Streaming as a VTuber or for VRchat, this is the perfect place.

It's time to get your custom avatar ready.

It's your time to shine!

I can do full body, physics and much more, just ask so we can decide on the best way to create the character.

What I will need:

Your Character Design: This could be a drawing or picture of the avatar you have in mind and a detailed description.

However, if you have multiple pictures from individual parts, we can create that avatar of yours together!

I'll send you a VRM File for you to use as a 3D Vtuber, or the unity package you can import into VRchat to use your avatar.

If you want I can do a step-by-step tutorial on how to get your Vrchat character uploaded.

It's time to bring your ideas to reality! Get your custom avatar ready!

Frequently Asked Questions

In what format will I receive my avatar?
you will receive your model in VRM or FBX format
How i can purchase more expressions for the avatar?
in "Proposal Quantity" you can add a "40 more expressions" for an extra $15 to make your avatar more expressions

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Basic $150.00 150

Simple humanoid avatar with simple clothing and avatar with all the essentials you need!

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Standard $220.00 220

Original hairstyle Normal clothing and 2 simple accessories.

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Advance $350.00 350

Original hairstyle Normal clothing and 2 simple accessories.

10 Days Delivery     2 Revisions
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    My name is salvthom I'm a professional Post Production producer, I've always loved animation and design. I've been working in it for over 6 years now! I've worked on all sort of projects including big names in the industry. Pitch me your ideas and I'll find a way to make your project possible.

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