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Are you looking to get your commercial heard by thousands? If so you’re in the right place. Right now you can get your radio commercial aired on Worldwide Tweets Radio (WWT Radio).

WWT Radio has over 18,000 radio stations and gets thousands of listeners per day. You can now get your commercial heard by the masses.

WWT Radio has stations in every major category including Hip Hop/Rap, Pop, Rock, EDM, Gospel, Jazz, Country, EDM, and more. We also have stations you wouldn’t think of like comedy stations, sports stations, emergency scanner stations, and many others. 

The way it works is whenever someone visits our site and listens to any of the stations we play a commercial. Then we also play commercials while the individuals are listening throughout the broadcast. This allows us the ability to play multiple commercials throughout a person listening.

We rotate through the commercials in each listening segment.

When you order your commercial is put in rotation to be played on all 18,000 stations. This is a great way to get your message heard at an affordable rate.

If you want to check it out before you order visit our website below and pick any station and click play. This will give you first hand experience on how our site works.

Regular orders are for radio commercials that are 30 seconds or less. If your commercial is over 30 seconds you need to add the appropriate extra. Also your radio commercial must be in mp3 format and in English. We will not play any commercials that are in a foreign language. 

If you’re ready to order we offer three packages and we also offer extras.

Our Website: https://radio.wwtmedia.com/

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any commercials you won’t air?
Yes, we won’t air anything that’s illegal, that can be derogatory, or that we feel is immoral. If you aren’t sure if your commercial is ok message us first.
What happens if my commercial is over 30 seconds and I don’t order the extra?
We will only play the first 30 seconds of your commercial. So, please make sure you add the extra if your commercial is longer than 30 seconds.

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