I will teach you how to increase your Facebook engagement and money on Facebook

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Are you looking to increase your engagement on Facebook and earn more money with your page and in groups? If so you’re in the right place!

Right now you can get FB 4 Cash the best online course for increasing your engagement on Facebook and earning more money!

Curious what’s included? Let’s find out below!


Video #1: Introduction and Quick Overview

In this specific video, we’ll give you a quick overview of the video course as a whole – so that you can understand clearly what to expect as we go about implementing the system to increase your visitor engagement so you can convert prospects into leads. This leads to sales and more.

Video #2: Why Targeted Likes?

To better understand how this strategy works, you’ll learn how we use targeted likes to go beyond just social proof. You’ll also get to see a live Facebook fan page that has over 20,000 likes using this strategy too.

Video #3: Winning Out Of the Gate

Using likes to target tier 2 or 3 countries will help you test images and content so that you can win in tier 1 countries.

Video #4: 5 Minute Content

When it comes to creating content – it can take hours, days, or a week. Not with this strategy…

Video #5: Two Birds With One Stone

In this video, we will cover how our one strategy can solve two problems – social proof and engagement very quickly and easily.

Video #6: Setting Up Your Ad Campaign

In this video, you will learn how to set up your Facebook page likes ad campaign

Video #7: Setting Up Your Ad Set

In this video, you will learn how to set up your Facebook page likes ad set

Video #8: Setting Up Your Ad

In this video, you will learn how to set up your Facebook page likes ad.

It also comes with an audio version for those that want to listen instead of watching. Either way you can watch or listen and learn how to earn on Facebook! 

Get this awesome course right now. Log into your UJober account (if you don’t have one create one for free it only takes 30 seconds). Next add this to your cart and then get instant access to the course. It’s that simple.

Still not sure if this is for you? Learn below the importance of Facebook advertising for a business and see why you can’t pass this amazing deal up!

The Importance of Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is an important source of exposure for businesses. It involves demographic targeting and customer identification to deliver brand messaging to a target audience. However, it is not without its risks. Facebook ads are not free. They require a certain amount of budget. Therefore, there are several things you must know before embarking on a Facebook advertising campaign.

Customizable targeting

If you'd like to reach a specific audience with your Facebook ads, consider custom audiences. Facebook allows you to build audiences from customer lists, website traffic, app usage, and engagement with your page. The Facebook algorithm can then use these profiles to deliver your ads to those who are most likely to be interested in your product or service. Custom audiences are also helpful for retargeting, which allows you to target people who have previously visited your website or app.

While Facebook has a number of different targeting options, one of the biggest reasons why custom audiences fail is that they don't have enough data. You need a large enough audience to effectively target your ads. If your audience is too narrow or too wide, you'll have trouble generating the best results. Facebook has various audience targeting options, including location and frequency.

Facebook has a range of tools that make it easy to choose the right audience. You can choose to target consumers based on demographics, location, interests, or behavior. Facebook has a rich data set for targeting people based on their interests. If you are unsure of what types of people to target, you can consult an expert on the subject.

Increased website traffic

Facebook advertising is a great way to get more traffic to your website. Facebook allows you to target your advertisements by audience. You can target specific audiences and set your goals for different campaigns. For example, if you want to target the professionals in your industry, you can create a campaign based on their interests.

Facebook users are also interested in quotes, which can be used to give them a look at your website. Make sure that the quotes you post contain valuable information. For example, you could include a link to a blog post or resource on your website. Once they have visited your website, they can click on the "Learn More" option on the page to learn more about what you do.

While high Facebook traffic may be good for your website, it can also be harmful. A high volume of traffic can make your site less useful than it was before. To ensure that your site is successful, you need to ensure that your visitors stay on your site. You should also make sure that your landing page is optimized. This means that you must make sure that your page mirrors the content of your ads.

Increased loyalty

If you're looking to increase your customer loyalty, Facebook ads can help. Facebook's ad platform allows you to control the audience you want to reach, as well as the delivery and open rate. This allows you to ensure that only 1,000 customers see your special offers and contests. According to Max, it's five to seven times easier to sell to a repeat customer than to a new one.

The social network also makes it easy for existing and prospective customers to connect with your brand's loyalty program. Facebook offers targeted ads that target people who have created profiles with your brand. A 'Link Account' CTA in the ad invites people to link their Facebook accounts to your loyalty program, where they can track their membership status, receive member discounts on purchases, and earn points when they do certain activities on the platform or purchase something online.

Facebook cross-sell ads are another great way to increase customer loyalty. These ads advertise complementary products to other products in your store, which encourages repeat purchases. The Facebook advertising system also analyzes the products that your customers already buy and suggests complementary products that they may want to purchase. Often, customers buy these products because they are attracted to low prices.


Cost per impression (CPL) is the amount advertisers pay for a single user. This cost is based on how many times an ad is displayed on a web page. But the number of impressions does not always correlate to actual leads. That said, there are some things that you can do to reduce your Facebook advertising costs and maximize your ROI.

While the CPC of Facebook advertisements is the most prominent factor, it is not the only determining factor. You can also choose to pay per thousand impressions (CPM). This can be a better way to use your advertising budget for traffic and awareness campaigns. The average cost per thousand impressions is $7.19, but this figure varies depending on the type of ad you select.

The cost of Facebook advertising can be adjusted by targeting specific audience groups. For example, you can target people based on their interests or other factors. For example, an ad targeting international travelers is more expensive than one targeting domestic travelers.

Ads Manager

Facebook ads manager is an online marketing platform that allows you to create and manage ads for your business. The platform offers various types of ads, including text, videos, images, and call-to-action buttons. You can also use the tools to import or export your campaign information. The tool lets you see details about your ads, including the delivery method, bid strategy, and results.

Facebook ads manager gives you complete control over your ads. It lets you create and manage mobile and desktop ads, as well as campaigns on other platforms. You can also monitor your ads' performance and create custom audiences. It is a great tool for advertisers of all levels and has several features to help them make the most of their campaigns.

The software combines the power of Facebook Power Editor with an intuitive interface. This means you don't have to learn two different platforms. Once you're familiar with the platform, you can create and manage your ad campaigns with ease. You can also optimize your budget by running A/B tests of your top performing ads.

Video ads

Facebook offers a variety of ad types, and video ads are no exception. These ads can be created in a variety of ways and can run continuously. You can set a budget for your video ads or set a lifetime limit. You can also choose to have sound play automatically or turn off the sound when the video is played. However, it is important to keep in mind that Facebook has strict guidelines when it comes to video ads. If you violate these rules, your ads may be disapproved by Facebook.

Videos should be optimized for mobile devices. They are more likely to be watched by people than static content, and the first three seconds are crucial for conversion. People spend on average 1.7 seconds viewing video content, so it's important to focus on the first few seconds. Video ads are also more likely to get people's attention if they get their message across quickly.

Video ads are also a great way to generate initial leads. By using an engaging story, a video ad can help a brand gain attention from the target audience. They can also help clear last-minute doubts and encourage people to make a purchase.

Interest targeting

One of the most important aspects of Facebook advertising is interest targeting. Interest targeting allows you to create ads that will reach people with the same interests as you. This is especially helpful for small businesses and affiliates, since they need to reach a growing number of potential customers constantly. You can create campaigns around specific interests by running quick searches and copying them into the Ads Manager. Once you've done this, your ads will be accepted as targeting.

Interest targeting allows you to tap into the database that Facebook has collected on its users. This information can help you close the knowledge gap by showing your ad to people who have similar interests to yours. You can even target people based on hobbies, brand interests, or affinity for things relevant to your niche.

Interest targeting allows you to create a more focused audience than you could with a generic audience. A broad audience can contain millions of users, while a more specific audience contains hundreds or thousands of users. Interest targeting is also very effective, but it takes time to refine your audience.

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Yes, you will have instant access after purchasing.
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Yes, it is a video course but also has the courses in audio if you want to listen instead or do both. Audio files are in MP3 format.

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  • suzetteomeara4

    Really straightforward information. Great for anyone looking for an increase in Facebook or to learn about Facebook ads. etc.
    Nov 12 2022

  • kittymeow

    Fantastic video series and the audio is great for when I wanted to just lay down and listen in bed.
    Nov 11 2022

  • pr@standata.xyz

    Great course
    Nov 11 2022

  • suzetteomeara4

    Really straightforward information. Great for anyone looking for an increase in Facebook or to learn about Facebook ads. etc.
    Nov 12 2022

  • kittymeow

    Fantastic video series and the audio is great for when I wanted to just lay down and listen in bed.
    Nov 11 2022

  • pr@standata.xyz

    Great course
    Nov 11 2022

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