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Description 150 Words of Professional Copywriting: Perfect for product descriptions and customer reviews. 500 Words of Professional Copywriting: Roughly one page of text, the perfect length for eCommerce sites. 1250 Word of Professional Copywriting: Long-form copy works best! The preferred choice for landing pages and sales letters.
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Offer Available Exclusively on UJober!

Jaded Corporate Copywriter Shares "Million-Dollar" Sales Secrets
Small Business Owners For The Very First Time!

Struggling Entrepreneurs, Many Who Were Ready To "Throw in the Towel,"
Now Enjoying MASSIVE SUCCESS Thanks to This Incredible, One-Time Offer...
Listen. If you're a small business owner (or entrepreneur) who wants to EARN MONEY FAST, this will be the most important message YOU will read today.

I have a confession to make. Don't hold it against me, but for nearly two decades, I worked as a highly sought-after corporate copywriter. I used powerful words and phrases to sell products for many of the BIGGEST conglomerates on planet Earth!

However, looking back, I regret it all! I finally realized I was only helping the "Top One Percent" rig the economy and hoard ALL the cash. I won't lie. My corporate overlords paid me handsomely... but selling their wares left me feeling "empty" inside.

Do you know why the "fat cats" pay the world's best copywriters top dollar? It's because they know the "secret" to selling is in the WORDS you use. Amateur copywriters – the kind "regular folk" get stuck with on a site like this – simply can't compete! They don't know the subtle "tricks" the PROS use to get customers reaching for their wallet faster than a six-gun Colt in an Old West shootout. The truth is, every time you hire a "wannabe" copywriter, you're flushing hard-earned money down the chamber pot!

Luckily, now you DON'T have to...

You see, I've decided to turn the tables on the plutocrats and share ALL of the best-selling, MONEY-PRINTING SALES SECRETS I've collected over the past TWO DECADES with everyday business owners JUST LIKE YOU! Many of these sales techniques are as closely guarded as the codes to the nuclear football! A few have even been classified "for professional use only" by licensed hypnotherapists!!

Anyway, I've already said too much...

I honestly don't know how long I can get away with this... my profile here on UJober is one cease and desist order away from vanishing into the ether FOREVER!

However, until that fateful day comes (and it certainly will soon!), THIS is YOUR chance to SELL, SELL, SELL!!! These professional copywriting tips and tricks – the very same techniques you'll soon have unfettered access to – have NEVER been available to the public before.

I've deployed them millions of times for corporate clients, yet they've NEVER failed me. They've worked on EVERY product or service I've EVER applied them to. That's because they're inescapably "hardwired" into human psychology, the same "free-will-shattering" groupthink every man, woman and child has been carrying between their ears since we left the sweltering savannah.

I could go on and on, but YOU get the idea...

Just know I've had local clients DOUBLE – or even TRIPLE – their sales, often as quickly as overnight, by using these treasured "persuasion equations." These coveted copywriting formulas have literally raked in HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of DOLLARS in corporate profits! In other words, they're all but GUARANTEED to work for you, too. All YOU have to do is get them in front of the right eyeballs. Easy, right?

Wouldn't you love to see what "REAL" PROFESSIONAL-GRADE COPYWRITING will do for you? Of course you would! Only a fool would pass on a windfall. This stuff is priceless and the guys with ALL the money know it. That's why they don't want YOU to have it!

Now that you're ready to invest in YOUR future, here's what you MUST do next...

Upon completing your order, you're going to receive my "Fast-Track-to-Success" Client Questionnaire. I'll concede, there are several questions to answer, but don't worry, the payoff is absolutely worth your time. Each question has been carefully crafted to draw out PRECISELY what I'll need to know about YOUR product and ideal customer. Answer as many as possible, as thoroughly and carefully as you can.

THIS IS CRITICAL! You MUST provide me with well-thought-out answers, or you simply WON'T get the results you desire. Skipping this important step is the "death knell"... I'm a copywriter, not a mind reader, after all.

Once I have your answers in hand, I'll take what you've provided and start spinning your responses into gold... if you've completed the questionnaire thoroughly, it shouldn't take me long at all.

Now, I hope you understand that I can't give away "blue-chip" copywriting for free. After all, if EVERYONE used these methods, they'd quickly lose their potency. However, I CAN pass along proven sales-shattering psychology at a SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNT here on UJober ( at least, that is, until the "big shots" figure out I'm giving away the store! ). That's because on a gig site like this, the clients come to ME and I don't have to spend time and money hunting for them.

I'm 100% confident you'll agree my pricing is FAIR considering the near-endless value you're poised to receive. In fact, if they found out what I'm doing here, any sales copywriter worth his salt would lose their mind screaming, "you're NOT charging enough!" But for now, I've made my decision. After decades of writing for the "dark side," my conscious DEMANDS I turn coat!

So here's the bottom line. If you're a small business owner who wants to know how the "top dogs" earn money hand over fist, THIS is your chance to find out. Don't fool yourself. An amateur copywriter can't accomplish the kind of sales numbers that we are shooting for here. Do you know what's expensive? Sales copy that DOESN'T work. It's a "sunk cost," never to be recovered. Sales copywriting done right, however, is an investment that will pay for itself MANY times over! My clients are living proof.

Believe me, life is easier when your phone is ringing off the hook with new customers, so trust a professional sales copywriter with a proven track record of success. JUST ACT FAST! This offer could very well disappear tomorrow...

Contact me today. You won't regret it!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Corporate Clients Have You Written For?
Million-dollar corporations force copywriters to sign a confidentiality clause to protect their trade secrets. However, I can say that my clients include many name brands the average consumer would readily recognize. In fact, I can't even walk down the grocery store aisle without seeing my own words staring back at me!

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150 Words of Professional Copywriting: Perfect for product descriptions and customer reviews.

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500 Words of Professional Copywriting: Roughly one page of text, the perfect length for eCommerce sites.

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1250 Word of Professional Copywriting: Long-form copy works best! The preferred choice for landing pages and sales letters.

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