Why Use UJober?

Why should you sign up for UJober? Well, that’s a fair question so we decided to write exactly why you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to do business on our freelance marketplace. Without further ado let’s jump right in. 
Why should you join UJober as a freelancer? Well, if you’re new to freelancing then UJober offers an exciting opportunity for you to earn money based on the skills you posses from anywhere in the world at anytime. If you previously worked a 9-5 or currently are looking for a way to earn additional income then this site is an excellent way to do so. If you are transitioning from a 9-5 you can now control when and where you work. You can work from home while taking care of family and still earn based on your skills. In addition, there is no limit on your earning potential. When working most jobs your income is set and has a ceiling. With becoming a freelancer on UJober your earnings are limitless. Just as your earning are limitless so is your ability to grow. You can always go out and gain additional skills and then translate them into income by offering more services. 
As an experienced freelancer you might find it difficult to make consistent sales using other marketplaces. The reason for that is their marketplace makes you a small fish in a huge ocean. On our marketplace as an experienced freelancer with experience already you’re a big fish in a small pond. Also, we offer instant delivery. So if you have items/services that you can delivery instantly we allow you to set them up at no additional cost. This can free up time and make earning even easier. 
Another reason why you should join UJober is our fees are less than other marketplaces. As a new seller you start out with a 20% commission fee where you earn 80% of your service price and we earn 20%. But, as you grow and move up to different levels your fee drops down. Other marketplaces fees stay the same and no matter how hard you work you aren’t rewarded. We wanted to change this. The harder you work the more rewarded you are when you use UJober. You can always see what our current seller rates are by viewing our terms and conditions.  
So now that we have talked about freelancers let’s talk about why you should use UJober over other freelancer marketplaces. One of the best things about UJober is we have instant delivery on items. With other sites you have to wait for the seller to come back to their account and deliver your item(s). What if you order something and the time zone if different from the sellers? It can be daytime for you and nighttime for them. We understand this because it has happened to use before. Now you’re stuck waiting for something you needed immediately. Well, with UJober you can see if the item(s) you're looking for are available to be purchased instantly without having to wait for delivery anytime day or night. 
Another reason you as a buyer might want to join UJober is you can also become a seller and earn like our other freelancers. When you create an account, you gain access to both buyer and seller accounts in one. So, if you ever want to earn some extra money in your spare time you can also list your services.  
These are just a few reasons why you should join UJober. Make sure you sign up it takes less than 2 minutes to do and will be well worth it. 

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