Hello future millionaire. We’re speaking it into existence for you. Welcome to the UJober freelance experience. We are excited to have you. We have removed the ceiling and allowed you to earn what you’re worth. We will get into a few details to help you become successful using this marketplace.


Always post an accurate description in your proposal. Leaving out information can be the difference between a happy buyer and an angry buyer. Always make sure you are honest and upfront with buyers by using the proper descriptions in your proposal.

Posting a service/proposal is simple. You just follow the prompts and you’ll be up and running in minutes.

Commission Fees

At UJober we believe in helping you earn as much as possible. That’s why our commission fees decrease as your productivity increases. As you move up in levels your commission goes down.  We reward you for your hard work. To learn about the commissions, check out the Terms and Conditions.


Please make sure you deliver your services on time. If you are falling behind make sure you’re in contact with the buyer letting them know what’s causing the delays. Communication is key in your success on this marketplace.


As a seller you have the unique ability to offer coupons to buyers. Use these sparingly and only when needed. Any abuse of this system can cause your account to be terminated.

Buyer Requests

Buyers will post request from time to time. Check out their request and if you’re a good fit then reach out to them or you can create a proposal and allow them to come to you.

Instant Deliveries

As a seller you have the ability to deliver proposals instantly. To do so just activate this when creating your proposal. If you’re delivering something that needs to be downloaded upload it to a cloud host and type the link up and save it as a .txt file. Then upload that file for buyers to download and receive to obtain their purchase. DO NOT try to attach the file on UJober direct as it will not be allowed due to conserving server space.

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