Company:      Yang2020
Location :      New York , New york
Post Date:      Oct 03,2019

Job Type:      Full Time

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Job Description

Join Andrew Yang and the fight to put Humanity First as he runs for president in 2020!

One of the most exciting and unique candidates in the 2020 election, Andrew Yang is an entrepreneur running for President as a Democrat in 2020. In 2011, he founded Venture for America, a national entrepreneurship fellowship, and spent helped create 2,500 jobs in cities like Cleveland, Detroit, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh. When Andrew realized that new technology like artificial intelligence threatened to eliminate one-third of all American jobs, he knew he had to do something. In The War on Normal People (2018), he explains the mounting crisis and makes the case for implementing a universal basic income: $1,000 a month for every American adult, no strings attached.

You can learn more about the campaign at, or listening to Andrew on the Joe Rogan Experience.

Every campaign claims to be data driven. After working for us, youll realize everyone else is just fooling themselves.

The data team needs top tier analytic talent to answer the big questions of the campaign. The campaign turns to us when they want to know where to buy ads, where to direct field efforts, where to host big events, how to raise money, or where were getting enough delegates to win.


  • Experience pulling data from relational databases
  • Experience doing reporting and data visualization
  • Analysis and model building skills
  • Insight into what the data can show us, strategically and politically
  • Deep alignment with the Yang2020 platform

Bonus Points for:

  • Redshift
  • BigQuery
  • Previous campaign data experience
  • Ability to clean data via scripting language like Python
  • Sci-kit Learn Stack
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Supervised Learning (GBMs, Neural Networks)
  • Unsupervised and Dimensionally Reduction
Working for the data team is a chance to use your craft to make a major impact on Yang2020 and the world. You are not going to find a campaign that is more receptive to data-based feedback.

We would prefer to hire people in NY or who can relocate, but were open to remote work for the right candidate.

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